Top 3 Reasons to Work for Facebook

Whether you’re a software developer, web designer, marketing guru, or graphic designer there are dozens of reasons to make your next career move a job at the world’s leading information technology company: Facebook. While it’s not unusual for an expert developer, DBA, tech writer or Internet marketing professional to consider employment with Facebook on the basis of salary, the ability to make top dollar is just one of the reasons software engineering professionals consider Facebook not only a top workplace, but one of the best employment opportunities to work on web 2.0 applications.

Here’s 3 of the Top Reasons workers at Facebook see their job as one of the best career opportunities in the tech sector:


When you work at Facebook as a developer, you’re choosing a career at the world’s largest social network. Facebook has more than 750 million active users who spend more than 700 billion minutes a month on In this line of work, no other position offers any similarity in the ability reach a global audience. There’s no other job which offers the same thought leadership or ways of influencing users of the web on such a massive scale.

Financial Potential

With Facebook’s IPO getting ever closer, there’s never been a better opportunity for developers to advance their career and earn top dollar at the same time. It doesn’t take a degree in business management to understand why getting the chance to participate in one of the greatest technology success stories is the opportunity of a lifetime.


Want to live the hacker dream? The Facebook workplace is one of the best in the world, where experts in subjects ranging from database management to SEO and SEM to Internet security to graphic design to programming work together in a fast-paced, exciting environment to develop bleeding edge Web 2.0 applications for the world’s leading web site.

This site will give you tips and tricks for successfully landing a job at Facebook. For more in-depth strategies for landing a job at the web’s most exciting workplace, download your copy of “Getting a Job at Facebook”.

Are You Smart Enough to Get Through the Job Screening Door at Facebook?

Facebook has tons of job applicants with tons of brains. After all, everyone wants to work with Mark Zuckerberg’s Web 2.0 company, the most dominant and exciting social network site on the planet.

Like you, the applicants are some of the smartest people around, and, like you, they want to join one of the most innovative companies in the business world.

So, you can see that being intellectually gifted alone just doesn’t cut it with Facebook. You simply can’t stand out for recruiters that way. It’s your task to be the applicant who’s savvy enough to get through the Facebook screening process. Once you do that, you’ll end up the winner because you’ve demonstrated that you’re a needed quantity at Facebook.

You see, given all the intellectual power among applicants, there’s a much more important factor at play, and that’s “fit.”

That’s right – Facebook recruiters and hiring managers want the best fit possible between the applicant and the position.

By now, you may be saying, “Yeah, but that’s what every company wants.”

This statement is true, but there is a difference with Facebook – Mark Zuckerberg’s company really, really wants a good fit! It’s a huge point of emphasis with them because of their “Move fast and break things!” ethos. They want you to have a “start up” mentality right from the get-go.

So, you have to exhibit that mentality the moment you enter a screening interview with a recruiter or hiring manager. Of course, you have to get to the door in the first place, and our ebook How to Get a Job at Facebook will explain three specific methods for doing just that:

  • Method 1: Online Submission
  • Method 2: Personal References
  • Method 3: Be an Online Contributor

More importantly, we’ll show you the most effective techniques to employ within each method. How do we know they’re effective? Because we’ve gathered much of our “inside” information from past and current Facebook employees, people deeply engaged in Mark Zuckerberg’s culture!

For example, the first method, Online Submission, is often thought of as a black hole, where resumes go to get sucked into another dimension, never to be seen again. However, our eBook provides specific guidelines on how to avoid this fate for your resume.

Also, everyone says you have should have personal references (Method 2) in order to impress a recruiter or hiring manager, but how many of them tell you specifically how to find the best possible references? That exactly what our ebook will tell you.

The third method, “Be an Online Contributor,” is an especially powerful one for getting through the Facebook applicant screening process. After all, Mark Zuckerberg’s company is a powerful player in the Internet market, and any skills in that area are especially valuable. You can shine for recruiters with examples of coding, graphics, marketing acumen or whatever skills the position you’re applying for demands.

Our information works for any line of work at Facebook in which you’re interested – Internet Marketing, Internet Security, tech writer, sysadmin, customer service, programming, software developer, etc.

So, if you want a practical and effective “street smart” means of getting past the screening process, download How to Get a Job at Facebook today! We’ve done all the “heavy lifting” to give you a much needed and time-saving handy guide to employment at the most progressive social network on the web! It’s a small investment in a higher salary and the opportunity to work with a laser-like focus on cutting-edge technology, people, and ideas!

Facebook Jobs – A Guide That Works

If you’re a considering a job at Facebook – and who doesn’t want to work for the world’s largest and most influential social network? – here are some things you should consider to enhance your knowledge of the Web 2.0 giant:

  • Study Mark Zuckerberg’s biography. It’s never a bad idea to know everything about your ultimate boss. Wikipedia does a good job of providing a basic background, and there are plenty of news articles to consider as well.
  • See the movie “The Social Network.” It’ll give you a rough idea of Mark Zuckerberg’s personality and of the Facebook culture.
  • Use Facebook (if you don’t use it already). Interviewers will check to see if you use their social media site!
  • Determine the organizational structure of Facebook. This can be very handy in the future so you know who the “influencers” are who can help advance your career.
  • Study the financial structure of Facebook. Find out what the company’s net worth is…what its plans for the future…etc.
  • If possible, talk to current and former Facebook employees. There’s nothing like information from the inside to get an accurate picture of a company and its working conditions.

For more insider secrets on landing a job at the world’s leading social network, download the book “How to Get a Job at Facebook” and get the advice you need to land a job at Facebook.

Understanding the Facebook Hiring Process

Lots of people want to work at Facebook and pursue the career of their dreams. But, many of these job applicants think that the hiring process at Facebook is a bit of maze through which they have to navigate.

Actually, it’s not a maze. It’s simply a blend of conventional and unconventional techniques, depending on which department you’re applying to. And, as you might expect from a company that still thinks of itself as a “start up” operation, there appears to be a bit of chaos in their hiring system.

That is, one time you might face a highly professional interviewer while, in another situation, you might get a last-minute replacement interviewer who has no real interest in the process. Needless to say, this can get a bit frustrating for a job applicant.

However, beneath the confusion, there is a definite employment process in place that allows you to navigate the interview and hiring waters safely. We describe that process below, but you’ll find much more depth in our eBook, How to Get a Job at Facebook. We do the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to waste time and money searching the Internet to gather scattered information.

The book gives you information straight from the mouths of current and former Facebook employees. And you’ll be able to use it no matter what line of work you’re interested in – Internet Marketing, Internet Security, tech writer, sysadmin, customer service, programming, software developer, etc.

So, read on to get a sample of the in-depth information available in How to Get a Job at Facebook.

The Facebook Job Application/Hiring Process

In terms of the overall Facebook hiring procedure, one applicant perhaps put it best: “Expect to whiteboard, present case studies and show world class qualifications.”

Here’s the general process:

  • Phone interview(s) – this, of course, is to screen you in or out as a candidate.
  • First on-site interview – this is to check out your knowledge, skills, and ability at a deeper level.
  • Second on-site interview – this is to determine your personality and fit with Facebook. They definitely want to see a great connection with their culture.
  • Third on-site interview – they describe the specifics of the position and provide a tour of the office.
  • Follow-up call – If they’re very interested in you, they often call you within a day and ask to check references.
  • Offer is made.

However, as mentioned above, this procedure may vary from department to department and may not happen in such a straight-forward fashion.

If there’s one central principle to remember during the Facebook interviewing and hiring process, it’s this: Be prepared to offer proof of your knowledge and abilities! This is true of many companies, of course, but Facebook puts a particular emphasis on it.

So what will they ask? Here are some examples of questions for you:

  • Account Manager: “Every company like ours has a value proposition for its advertisers. What’s Facebook’s value proposition to our advertisers?”
  • User Operations Analyst: “Which features of Facebook do you like the most and why?”
  • Internet Marketing Analyst: “What do you know about Facebook’s unique selling proposition?”
  • Software Engineer: “Given a Binary Search Tree, iterate over the elements without using recursion.
  • Research Scientist: “Why don’t you write a piece of code that finds anagrams?”
  • Product Manager: “What do you think of XYZ company?”
  • Online Sales Operations: “What new features would you add that will benefit both Facebook users and advertisers?”

As you can see from the partial list above, you gain a considerable amount of information on the hiring process once you download How to Get a Job at Facebook. This ebook gives you a laser-like focus on the entire hiring process at Mark Zuckerberg’s famed Web 2.0 company, the dominant social network on the Web. And that, in turn, gives you a better opportunity to engage in cutting-edge work, make higher salaries, and enjoy one of the best benefit packages around!

Getting the Facebook Culture

“The saying internally is to move fast and break things – not trying to break things, but it’s okay if sometimes you break things because if you don’t, then you’re probably not moving fast enough.”

From this quote, you know that a job at Facebook will entail situations where the chain of command isn’t always clear. You also know you’ll be expected to make independent decisions. Here’s another quote from Mark Zuckerberg from the same source:

“The leaders of a specific project can come from a lot of different disciplines,” he said, explaining that that’s in contrast to companies that are more hierarchical or led by product managers. “Here it just depends on the person – there are definitely projects where the engineering manager is leading and there are definitely projects where the PM is leading,” he said. “We have as many where the tech lead on the project is leading … there are even a bunch where a designer is leading. I think that’s good, a good diversity.”

So, openness, innovation, and independence are highly valued at Facebook. However, there’s more as stated by a company veteran. According to this person, employees must be:

  • Be smart
  • Be open minded and willing to change
  • Care deeply about Facebook and what it hopes to accomplish
  • Have a healthy suspicion of authority but also of their own ideas
  • Be willing to question everything and also to be questioned
  • Be willing to try things that will very likely fail
  • Be able to debate with passion without making it personal

To learn more about the culture of Facebook, download a copy of “How to Get a Job at Facebook”.

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